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Pay Per Click Services

We have expertise in running various kind of PPC ads like Brand Awareness Ads, Display ads, Lead Generation Ads, Conversion Ads, Traffic Ads, App install Ads, Video Views Ads, Catalog sales Ads, Store Traffic Ads, Retargeting Ads etc.

We follow each and every step to get success for our customers to help them to reach right audience, whether it is on social media or whether it is on search engines. We are the best SMM and SEM Ads creation company.

PPC or Pay per click gives you an additional advantage of attracting needed or actual customers fastly to your site. Blogs Blast works very dedicatedly to help our customers to create ideal keywords that would allow the audience to see you and click on the advertisments.

By buying ad spaces you create way for the potential customers to check them and get transferred to your website without you putting in additional effort and time. Pay Per Click will give you an easy and affordable way to get your business working in the proper direction.

Our PPC Products

Our PPC Process and Products Include

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    PPC Strategy & Plan

    The first step to run a PPC Campaign is PPC Strategy. We create best PPC Strategy for a campaign to reach maximum relevent people in minimum amount.

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    PPC Optimization

    After creating PPC Strategy, we optimize the website and its audience for its product and services. Without PPC optimization, the campaign will not get success.

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    Keyword Research

    The next step is Keyword Researching, Keyword researching plays very vital role in a PPC campaign. We research best keywords for your product and services.

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    Competitor Analysis

    We also do competitor analysis for our customers and find out that what PPC plan and strategy are they using. We analyse and then create an strategy for us.

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    Create Advertisement

    After all this steps, we create all type of ads for social media and search engine. We create ads for brand awareness, traffic, leads, local search and much more.

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    Monitoring & Analysis

    After AD creation, we analyse & monitor the way ad is working and change our AD strategy according to it. We also provide these details to our customer.

PPC Platforms

We use these platforms for PPC to showcase products and services.

  • Search Engines

    We do PPC on search engine like Google. We optimize search engine ads according to our client needs and make sure that our client will get more and more results in less amount. 

  • Youtube

    We create Ad on youtube by optimizing its reach and the people who can watch even after the Ad gets end. By this process, the youtube ad will still grow after the Advertisement ends.

  • Social Media

    We know that Social Media Ads are most effective Ads. Everyone is using social media, so blogsblast helps their client so they can easily target them and show them their products and services.

  • Forums & Other

    We create Ads on all forums websites and other social media Ads. Like Hotstar Ads, Tiktok Ads, Tumblr Ads, Snapchat Ads, Quora Ads, and other famous cocial networking websites.

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We do follow the most effective PPC process

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    PPC Analysation

    We analyse PPC process of our clients website, social media, etc. After analysing their website and social media we make the changes after clients approval.

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    PPC Process

    After taking client’s approval, we make ads on search engine or social media with our perfect PPC Strategy in less amount.

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    Leads Delivery

    After creating Ads, we share all the leads to our clients every day. And then we change our strategy according to the leads generation.


Best Pay Per Click Services Provider Company

Blogs Blast is the best PPC Company in Udaipur, India. We do follow our proper strategy and its steps to run a campaign for our customers, by which they can reach maximum people and crowd on their mobile and computers in less amount. We also check and utilize our customer’s competitor marketing strategy.

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